The Dissertation

Under the direction of Chris M. Anson and Casie Fedukovich, I have developed as a composition researcher who works with both empirical data and complicated narratives to account for the contemporary landscape of technology and writing practices.

Guided by a focus on First-Year Writing faculty, technologies, and ecologies of understanding, I am committed to developing rich frameworks that carefully articulate the range of technological practices enacted by contemporary writing instructors. My dissertation, “Technologies, Pedagogies, and Ecologies: An Analysis of the Primary Ecological Factors of Faculty Attitudes and Technology Integration by First-Year Composition Faculty in North Carolina,” complicates the relationship between teacher attitudes, the broader context or mitigating factors determining those attitudes, and the teachers’ uptake of digital technologies in the classroom.

My statewide survey offers a snapshot of technology and writing across North Carolina. The more granular localized case study provides immediate results for our FYW program and also vital information to all participating universities, but it is also instrumental as a larger framework or heuristic for all writing program administrators to be better prepared for critically integrating technology in the 21st century writing

NSF-Grant Funded Research

Aside from my dissertation work, I have also spent my time during my doctoral studies conducting empirical research for several projects developed under a National Science Foundation research grant ($880,000). The grant provided funding for multi-institutional research involving faculty and writing across the curriculum, specifically in upper-level STEM courses.

I have presented this work at the international, national, and regional levels with the NC State PI, Dr. Chris Anson. Based on our work with peer review across the curriculum, I have co- authored two forthcoming chapters in two different collections. I also have a singly authored manuscript drafted on this work as well.

Multimodal Research and Publications

I have singly authored a piece for the peer-reviewed journal Kairos titled “Multimodal Composition, Sketch Notes, and Idea Generation” and my article is available online. I also have published a chapter introduction on multimodality for a student collection featuring our First-Year Writing students and faculty.

Unpublished Research on Digital Pedagogy

Aside from written publications, I have also produced videos and developed websites that feature my pedagogy and my scholarship on composition for the 21st century, which you can view on the Digital Work and Publications Page.

I also have extensively researched ARPANET and the Early Internet. I have written a manuscript including multiple data visualizations and I am working on creating a html-run interactive website that could be featured on touch screens.