About My Mentoring

Do all the good you canI learned about the good thoughts of John Wesley early on, but it took a while for me to truly try living a life of good. It’s part of what has kept me so interested in teaching–I believe that teaching has the exponential to put as much good out in the world as I can. I believe that mentoring (both at the peer and experienced level) allows me to put this same good out in the world in more ways.

I have acted as a Lead Peer Mentor for the PhD programs in our College of Humanities and Social Sciences where we created a peer mentoring needs assessment for the various programs and helped develop peer mentoring initiatives across the university. I have acted as a peer mentor within my own PhD program formally and informally–whether it’s developing events for communication and socialization among peers or serving as someone who is always willing to offer information, provide resources, or offer an ear to listen. I have also served as a peer mentor when I led professional development workshops on digital literacies, complicating good writing, and developing online curriculum.

I have also served as a peer mentor for both PhD and MA students who were beginning their first semester teaching First-Year Writing at NC State University. With these students, I organized meetings on different topics such as implementing multimodal composition, developing a Writing in the Disciplines Approach, teaching thoughtfully with technology, among many others. I also served as a syllabus coach, assignment reader, and watch demo lessons. While those are only a few of the ways that I mentored, one of the things I always did was provide feedback early and often.

Earlier this semester, I asked some of those mentees to provide feedback on their work with me and I am including some of their words below:

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