Multimodal Composition

I created the video below on multimodality and sketchnoting for the Watson Conference 2016 and it is illustrated by my colleague T. Mark Bentley. The video came about when I was slated to write the review of literature portion of our talk and would present what I found during the convention on a panel with my NCSU/CRDM colleagues, Dr. Stacey Pigg, Desiree Dighton, MFA, and Chen Chen (ABD).

Since the lit review usually isn’t the biggest crowd pleaser, I thought it would be more interesting (and quite important) to present the lit review on multimodality and sketchnotes by using sketchnotes to establish what multimodal composition can do.

I wrote the review of the research and I read it to Mark who illustrated the words I was saying as I was saying them. We created a screenshot video of his sketching and timed it to fit with my spoken text. At the Watson Conference 2016, I read my literature review while Mark’s sketches of what I was reading came to life on the screen behind me. The effect of the live animation of the video was a crowd pleaser and I think the audience liked that Kathi Yancey was in the crowd and watched herself be sketched on the screen.

Our work is out for review and will be published in the disputatio section of Kairos.

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